Why Is Gojek App Clone Hitting The Headlines?


Gojek App Clone is the goose that lays golden eggs as it is an extremely profitable business venture. Simply because the Entrepreneur earns Commission each time either any Service is completed or any order is successfully placed. These Services include Transportation, Logistics, Grocery Delivery, Healthcare, Online Shopping, Carpool, Money Transfer, Car Wash, Fitness, and Real Estate, etc.

On-Demand Multi Service Provider has in-built magnificent features for its customers to make their lives even more convenient and easy-going. It is Online Video Consultations with professionals such as Lawyers, Tutors, Astrologers, Fitness Experts and more. When the User the booking the Expert on the App, the Subcategory appears based on the profession. Thereafter, the list of professionals appear who are in the vicinity.

And then the Customer can choose the professional based on the reviews and their hourly rates. There are 10+ Services for which this instant Video Consultation feature is available including yoga. Cash on Delivery is not accepted here, only Wallet, and Online Mode of Transaction.

Gojek Clone Script is legit sophistication personified and that is how this Super App has been encrypted. It enables Users to Bid in Real-Time for 10+ Services by posting a Task Requirement on the App. Thereafter, a notification is sent to nearby Service Providers to either accept it or place a counter-offer. Negotiations keep on happening until a mutually-agreeable price is decided and these Services are Car-Washing, Plumbing, Painting, Home Cleaning, etc.

Herein, it is imperative to mention that while posting a Task, User choose a Category, then a Sub-category, Budget, Location. Adding to the list, Customer will shortlist Date of the Task requirement, Time, and Special Instructions if there are any. Customer can then finalize the Service Provider based on the final offer, budget, reviews and their portfolio. And the Modes of Payment accepted here are Cash, Card, and Wallet.

Another sci-fi and neoteric feature of this Giant Multi-Feature App is Live GPS-Tracking. This empowers Rider to inform loved ones about the exact geographical location during the ongoing trip. Indeed, it is a safety gear that has been introduced to protect and shield any mishaps via re-routing.

Gojek Clone App has another mesmerizing feature under its fold that allows User to locate nearby Salons, Cafes, Hospitals, etc. Customer has to just log into the Super App and then search for the closest Spas, Malls or Gyms. Thereafter, the User gets to either call the outlet, or order something if it’s a Cafe, even book a Taxi.

Taxi Ride Booking is one of the most important base components of this Super App. And this encapsulates Taxi Rentals, Corporate Bookings, InDrive Like Bidding, Shared Rides, Tuk-Tuk’s, Intercity Trips, Schedule Later Ride. Let’s explain it all one by one, Taxi Rentals mean allowing Users to rent Taxis on an hourly basis. Although, Riders can be allowed to pay on the basis of the distance covered. Then comes Uber for Pool wherein multiple people travel together as long as cab is going in the same direction.

Uber for Pool has been revered as a thoughtful gesture because Riders save money, Drivers complete more Trips than usual. And Entrepreneurs make profit based on higher traffic of trips being successfully completed. Next in queue is Tuk-Tuk’s which is an interesting proposition created to penetrate larger chunk of market share. It is a Two-Wheeler Taxi that has been proposed for areas where using Cars won’t be advisable. These are just some of the features of this Base Component.

Gojek Clone Script has another interested Base Component of Store Deliveries which has such solid features to offer. Namely, Timely Home Delivery of Food and Groceries, but this category also includes sending Flowers to loved ones. Or celebrating an occasion with a Wine, it could be even a last minute stationary need of User’s kid. All of it can be delivered at the bat of an eyelid.


Gojek App Clone is so stunning that it alone has 50+ On-Demand Services. One of its Base Components of this App is Send Anything from Location X to Location Y within the city. Users can send Single or Multiple Parcels in the form of Flowers, Papers, or even Cement Bags using this App.

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